These are some great on-line aids for studying the Hebrew Bible:

Animated Hebrew

Hebrew-English parallel Bible

2LetterLookup, Tyndale House (all biblical languages)

STEP, Tyndale House (Bible analysis resource)

Here are SBL Hebrew-font and keyboard software to enable you to write BH Hebrew vowels and cantillation signs on your (PC) computer, as well as some useful applications for learning/reinforcing Hebrew. Enjoy!

Here are downloadable and free Bibles for mobile phones in various (modern) languages.

Also check out this post about a Hebrew & Greek Bible I find very useful.

Finally, don’t miss Olive Tree for many Bible resources for iPhone, iPad and Android. Hebrew Old Testament, Greek New Testament, the ESV Bible and many more are free.


2 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Hey John!
    These are great resources. I’m learning Hebrew and have my hands on Weingreen’s Hebrew textbook, as well as Williams’ Hebrew syntax and Van Pelt / Pratico’s Vocabulary Guide to Biblical Hebrew. Do you have any other recommendations besides the above? I have been eyeing the Reader’s Hebrew bible for a while, not sure whether to get the joint Hebrew/Greek edition cause I want something more portable…

    1. Hey Jacky!

      Good to hear you’re doing Hebrew!
      Weingreen is the standard classic (the first modern Hebrew grammar) and the others are good books too. My teacher used C. L. Seow’s ‘A Grammar for Biblical Hebrew’ (Abingdon Press) as a stringent, but more lucid complement to the condensed Weingreen. Another good pedagogical grammar that I used was Page Kelley’s ‘Biblical Hebrew – An Introductory Grammar’ (Eerdmans).

      Another grammar that takes a whole different approach to learning is John Dobson’s ‘Learn Biblical Hebrew’ which gets you stuck in with the text from chapter one – this works better for some.

      As a friend of mind remarked, the joint Hebrew-Greek reader is only marginally thicker than the Hebrew reader, but still, as you say, it is weightier. Go for the Hebrew reader – there is no resource quite like it. It will boost your Hebrew reading proficiency!

      Btw, you’ve got an awesome commentary going!

      Be blessed,

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