Hebrew Names: Joshua/Jesus

Joshua/Jesus (יהושע) – Yes, these names are one and the same! And we think the Spanish odd for naming their little ones Jesus… Or is it because of names such as Jesús-María and Mariá-José? Anyway… Jesus/Joshua means “the LORD is salvation”. Salvation is through Jesus! In this name, yehoshua, we actually see another version of the abbreviated form for yhwh. … More Hebrew Names: Joshua/Jesus

As Good As Done

Grammar is boring for most people and it could be even for a Semitist, depending on how one approaches it. What if I say that Hebrew grammar can teach us something about God?! Check out Judges 1.1-2: After the death of Joshua, the people of Israel inquired of the LORD, “Who shall go up first … More As Good As Done

Christmas in Dark Places

Originally posted on Christ the Truth:
Please share… It used to be summer when Christmas came round, Neath tall southern skies, over sun-scorched ground, With the backyard cricket, the barbies, the beach, And munching on mangoes to watch the Queen’s Speech. The slatherings of sunscreen, the glorious glare And toasting the glow in the warm…