A Reader’s Hebrew and Greek Bible

My sister graciously gave me an awesome Bible recently. Don’t get me wrong, all Bibles are awesome, but for someone aspiring to read the Bible in the original languages, this one-volume A Reader’s Hebrew and Greek Bible from Zondervan is something out of the ordinary.

Not only is the OT in Hebrew (and Aramaic), and the NT in Greek, but less common words are footnoted which facilitates reading enormously. All words occurring 100 times or less in Hebrew, 30 times or less in Greek and 25 times or less in Aramaic are footnoted at the bottom of the page, using definitions form standard lexica.

This is definitely a more devotional Bible than the scholarly BHS and UBS4 with their critical apparatuses which may divert attention form the text. A Reader’s Hebrew and Greek Bible is a good compliment to the BHS and UBS4 (or vice versa!) The editors have also indicated whenever text differs form the BHS or UBS4 which facilitates comparison.

Other attractive features include European leather binding, full colour maps and glossaries for words in Hebrew (occurring more than 100 times) and Greek (occurring more than 30 times).

I highly recommend this Bible for anyone who has some Greek and Hebrew and want to get going reading more, or for anyone who intends to start with these languages at some point!

Check it out here:




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