Old Testament in New Testament

I have earlier argued that the whole Bible is about Jesus and that since that is the case, the Gospel can be preached from the whole Bible.

I think more can be said.

Although revelation comes to a fulfilment in the New Testament, and that part of the Bible is an indispensable part in that it sees the promises of the OT come to fulfilment, there is no original idea in the NT that has not been presented in the OT.

Jesus and the Apostles do not go beyond the Old Testament. Rather, the Old Testament is the Blueprint for all that is being said – all that is being more explicitly revealed in the New Testament.

The NT is in that sense a divine commentary of how the OT is to be interpreted – as well as fulfilment of revelation.

This introduces a new category on this blog ‘OT in NT‘. In such posts I will be looking at concepts in the OT which are explicitly picked up in the NT.

Why is this important to emphasise? I live in and am active in a country where the authority of the OT is undercut. Things are generally not as bad in the Anglo-Saxon world, however this is a pattern that is prevalent wherever liberal Protestantism has influence.  If the very foundations of the NT had been made void, it is no difficult thing to topple also the authority of the NT, or at least  – to use a Swedish term – make the Bible into a smorgasbord with little dishes of your choice.

There is a danger in considering the OT as merely the Jewish spiritual foundation.

Christian rootlessness stem from loosing touch with its roots, loosing touch with the Old Testament.


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