God Always Delivers – Trust Him

Judges 8:4-8 teaches us something of what the writer of Hebrews is talking about in chapter 11 verse 1: “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”:

 And Gideon came to the Jordan and crossed over, he and the 300 men who were with him, exhausted yet pursuing. So he said to the men of Succoth, “Please give loaves of bread to the people who follow me, for they are exhausted, and I am pursuing after Zebah and Zalmunna, the kings of Midian.”

And the officials of Succoth said, “Are the hands of Zebah and Zalmunna already in your hand, that we should give bread to your army?” So Gideon said, “Well then, when the LORD has given Zebah and Zalmunna into my hand, I will flail your flesh with the thorns of the wilderness and with briers.”

The same thing is then repeated with the city of Peniel. The LORD does of course deliver on his word and the judgement spoken of by Gideon over the cities does come about. (These are the same 300 men treated in another post on God’s strength manifested in weakness.)

The cities of Succoth and Peniel refused to hold God’s word to be true. they wanted proof, proof they could not get.

Jesus will come back to judge the living and the dead –  the Scriptures tells us so (Acts 10:42; 2 Tim. 4:1; 1 Pet. 4:5).

Will we trust Jesus’ words to be true? Will we trust the Bible to be true?

Just like Gideon stretched out his arm towards the cities of Succoth and Peniel to receive, so Jesus is reaching out his hands to sinners, not to receive something from us but to give us eternal life if we receive him, and trust him. Will we receive  him?

One day, when he returns in victory it will be too late. And he will return.

He said so.


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