“When Your Word Comes”

I’ve been reading the Book of Judges in Hebrew lately and as always when studying the Hebrew Scriptures one literally trips over christological gold nuggets that does not always come though in translation.

One of these is Judges 13.12.

Samsons father Manoah has just been promised a son (Samson) by the Angel of the Lord (!). Manoah wanders how the boy is to live his life when the LORD delivers on his promise and gives him a son.

Different Bible translations renders this differently:

NIV:  “When your words are fulfilled… ESV:  “Now when your words come true… ASV:  Now let thy words come to pass: MSG:  “So. When what you say comes true…

The ways to translate what Manoah says of which the gest is ‘when you deliver on your promise’, are diverse.

The Hebrew literally has it: ‘ Now, in the coming of your word (i.e. when your word comes)…’.

Thus we see, amazingly, that the very expression for delivering on a promise in Hebrew is to ‘make one’s word come’.

God’s big promise of the Old Testament is the coming of the Messiah, the Saviour, in whom we need to trust. And God really makes his word come (i.e. delivers on his promise) by the literal ‘coming of His Word’, our Lord Jesus Christ!


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